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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is one of the most popular products for the garden. Therefore, this grass is used in houses, offices etc.. gardens. However, this grass looks like real grass and its green colour provide actual greenery feel. Further, this grass feels comfort to both eyes and feet. Moreover, Polyethylene material is used to make the blades of this artificial grass archives. This grass is tolerant free from ultra violate rays. Hence this grass is also waterproof. Although, you don’t need to provide water to this grass. In addition to this, you may use this grass as your home carpets.

Fincera where live style lives: provide these grass archives with full satisfactory information. Furthermore, our company provide this grass at a reasonable or valuable price. However, Fincera also provides this product is woven shape coated with latex on its outer side. Above all, 0ur company is providing this product with efficient or high-quality standard.

Product Type

A variety of Artificial Grass products are available at Fincera. Moreover, designed to mimic natural Artificial Grass.  Furthermore, finished with striking textures and green colour that adds to its stunning appeal.

In addition, it is available at Fincera Lahore Pakistan. Furthermore, it is available in-store at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt.  Also, adds an interesting look in any space. Thus, giving it a striking visual appeal and a beautiful feel. Likewise, creates a charismatic look.

Thus, adding the look of realistic Artificial Grass in any space. Moreover, it is sure to make an impact on any space. Thus, creating a contemporary look. Likewise, the stunning green makes it look more refreshing. Also, they are available online at the Fincera web portal.


Additionally, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, it is waterproof. Likewise, it resists any kind of damage. Also, does not require sunlight to grow. Moreover, it does not require any pest control. Similarly does not require much maintenance.

Thus, it does not fade. Similarly, it has a long life-span. Moreover, it does not flatten and retains its shape and size. In addition, it does not require trimming. Additionally, it does not get any kind of mildew. Also, does not mould. Likewise, it is easy to clean. Also, in case of any water spillage, Artificial Grass drains down the water.

Furthermore, it tough and sturdy. Moreover, its installation is easy.  In addition to this, it removes easily without causing any kind of damage or abrasion. Furthermore, it stays green in every season. Similarly, it is resistant to any stains. Thus, it does not melt when exposed to high temperatures.


Moreover, they are available in a variety of designs. Thus, with different thickness.  Furthermore, they are available in different shades of green. Also, the variety of colours and thickness of the Artificial Grass makes it suitable for use according to one’s requirement.

Also, these different types of Artificial Grass are suitable for different areas. Thus, applied in many creative ways. Moreover, applied in areas such as playrooms. Also, used for creating sumptuous feature walls. Furthermore, creating stunning accents.

Similarly, suitable for use on rooftops, balconies turning these spaces into eloquent gardens. Furthermore, without having to maintain these areas. Likewise, add a lively look to these spaces.


Using natural Artificial Grass indoor gives a very refreshing look to any space. Moreover, it makes a space appear livelier. Thus, brightens it up it with stunning green colour. Also, adds a compelling look. Thus, giving it a luxurious feel. Also, it makes a space appear more enlivening.

Furthermore, it is environment- friendly. Also, it is sustainable. Moreover, it does not require maintenance. Similarly, makes a dull space appear more uplifting and inviting. Also, gives it a captivating look. Thus, the green colour creates a relaxing environment that is soothing to the eyes.

Likewise having greenery inside homes creates a refreshing look. Also, it known to elevate the mood of the occupants. Similarly, the green is known to increase productivity and concentration span. Thus, making it a perfect décor for office spaces. Also, greenery is known to make a person feel happier and more relaxed.


Additionally, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, its use in residential spaces, such as the lawns, patios, decks, living room, bedrooms, terraces, hallways. Thus, giving these spaces a luxurious appeal. Furthermore, its use in commercial spaces adds a mesmerizing look.

Likewise, it creates intriguing spaces with its beautiful texture and bright green colour. Similarly, it is suitable for use in sports areas, also for landscaping or golf courses. Moreover, applying it any space gives adds life to it. Thus, makes it appear more inviting and uplifting. Moreover, adding a charismatic accent when used in interior design.

Also, it’s used in any space instantly brighten it up. Thus, adding an interesting look.

Additionally, the stunning texture gives it a natural feel and enhances the exquisite look of any space. Also, suitable for use on the walls giving the space a unique look.


Synthetic fibres are woven on a backing material. Furthermore, it’s applicable on most surfaces. Moreover, available in different shades of green. Also, they give a luxurious look to any space. With its striking texture and finish. Thus, accented with other elements this material creates an enthralling look.

Thus, make it resistant to UV rays. Also, to give it a green colour. Moreover, the finishing done on it make it waterproof. Furthermore, they designed to be slip-resistant. Additionally, it is cost-effective. Likewise, does not require much ground preparation for its installation.

Additionally, created with high-quality materials. Thus, finished with excellent finishes. Moreover, they aid in increasing its sturdiness. Also, making it more durable and tough. Likewise, the grass retains its shape and colour. Furthermore, it does not break or tear up.