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Features:This plant is a combination of orange-yellow and green colour. It addsbrightness & energy to any ambience.It's very hard to believe its Artificial.


Features:Suitable for both outdoor & Indoorenvironment.Natural lookLow maintenance


Features:Realistic appearanceDurabilityNatural coloursAttractive lookEasy to clean


Features:Suitable for both outdoor & Indoorenvironment.Natural lookLow maintenance


Features:Decorative Home Decor AccentMaintenance-freeWorks with all types of Decor


Features:Realistic appearanceDurabilityNatural coloursAttractive lookEasy to clean

Succulent lotus bonsai 3T 4F

Features:Low maintenanceGood-looking appearanceThicken and fleshyEasily affordable


Artificial grass has become so popular within the years instead of real grass. Artificial grass is one of your garden or lawn’s most attractive products because it looks like natural grass. This grass can be used in houses, offices, parks, outdoor sittings’ etc. The green color of this grass provides actual foliage’s feel. Further, this feels comfortable with both eyes and feet. 

Synthetic Polyethylene material is used to make the blades of artificial grass sheets. This grass is tolerant free from ultra-violate rays. Although you don’t need to provide water to this grass, hence artificial grass is also waterproof. In addition to this, you may use this grass as your home carpets or grass carpets.


Fincera is a trustworthy Artificial Grass shop in Lahore because we provide these grass archives with full satisfactory information. Fincera provides Artificial Grass, a woven shape coated with latex on its outer side, giving it a beautiful finish. Above all, our company is providing this product with efficient or high-quality standards. Artificial grass can be used as Astroturf for both sports fields and residential areas 

Product Type:

A variety of Artificial Grass products are available for different grass fields at Fincera. Designed to mimic natural-looking Artificial Grass is finished with striking textures and green colors that add stunning appeal and a beautiful lush green feel. Thus, adding the look of realistic grass in any space assures any area, creating a contemporary look. The stunning green makes it look more refreshing. Fincera has Belgium, Germany, and China imported artificial grass available.


Artificial grass is tough and robust. Its installation and removal are easy without causing any damage or abrasion.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays: 

The best feature of Artificial Grass is that it is resistant to ultraviolet rays. It can also resist damage, and it does not require sunlight to grow, nor it requires any pest control.


It stays green every season. Similarly, it is resistant to any stains. Thus, it does not melt when exposed to high temperatures.

This Astroturf does not fade and has a long life-span. It does not flatten and retains its shape and size. Besides, it does not require trimming; it also does not get any mildew. 


Artificial Grass doesn’t mold. It is easy to clean. In case of any water spillage, Artificial Grass drains down the water.


Although artificial grass may look alike, its thickness is different, and it is available in various shades of green, suitable for use according to one’s requirement. It can be applied in many creative ways, such as in playrooms, and can also create great feature walls, creating stunning patterns.

Artificial grass is suitable for rooftops, balconies, and lawns turning these spaces into formal gardens and maintaining these areas.


Using natural-looking Artificial Grass indoors gives a refreshing look to any space as it makes space appear livelier. Thus, it brightens up the mood with a stunning green color. Artificial grass carpets or turfs makes space appear more enlivening.

Environment friendly: Artificial Grass is environment- friendly and sustainable. It does not require any maintenance. Similarly, it makes a dull space appear more uplifting, giving it a captivating look. Thus, the green color creates a relaxing environment that is soothing to the eyes.

Refreshing: We all know that having greenery inside homes creates a refreshing look. Using artificial grass at home can elevate the mood of the occupants. Similarly, the green is known to increase productivity and concentration span. Greens also add positivity to the brain. Again, greenery is known to make a person feel happier and more relaxed.


Its application is easy; it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its use in residential spaces, such as lawns, patios, decks, living rooms, bedrooms, terraces, hallways. It can be used in commercial areas as well.

This bright green turf is suitable for sports areas such as stadiums, landscaping, or golf courses. Moreover, applying this grass to any space adds life to it.


Synthetic fibers are woven on a backing material. Furthermore, it’s applicable on most surfaces. Available in different shades of green, such as dark green and yellow-green. Artificial grass is designed to be slip-resistant. Likewise, it does not require much ground preparation for its installation.

This natural-looking artificial grass is created with high-quality materials and completed with excellent finishes. Moreover, they aid in increasing its sturdiness, making it more durable and tough. Furthermore, it does not break or tear up, and it is cost-effective.

Availability and Artificial Grass price in Lahore

There are many Artificial Grass shops in Lahore, but high-quality Artificial Grass is available at Fincera DHA Cantt Lahore Pakistan. Furthermore, it is available online at Fincera’s website at a very reasonable price range from 250/sq. ft-450/sq.ft respectively.

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