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Light is the most vital component of life. There are natural sources of light, and these sources are limited, such as sunlight. Bulbs are the artificial source of producing visible light from electric currents. Artificially obtained light from a bulb can be utilized for the long term, and there is no restriction for day or night to obtain light as energy can be stored and used later.

Today everything around us or every space is dependent upon this small device known as Incandescent Bulb. Filament bulb or incandescent bulb is used for illuminating any area or device. Frosted incandescent bulbs were commonly used before for lighting purposes but now people prefer other sorts of bulbs because these bulbs are less efficient and most of their light is lost because of the heat.

Usage of Bulbs:

These bulbs can be used directly with holders or these can be attached with different electronic devices or even decoration products like Chandeliers, Decoration lights, Hanging Lights, Indoor/ Outdoor lights, Energy savers, Table lamps, decoration lamps, standing lamps, Mirrors, led lights, etc.

No matter how great the product or device is, it is very important to choose the right light bulb for your product. The right choice of light bulb can enhance the impact and beauty of any product besides functionality.

Bulb Types and Details:

Fincera has an extensive range of bulbs. These bulbs include different shapes and sizes. They also come along with different qualities and brands. Bulbs have different colours of light or pigments to opt for your desired products or devices.

Bulbs include Incandescent or Filament bulbs because in these types of bulbs electric current passes through the thin metal filament and airtight glass enclosure to avoid oxidation attached with a metal base with conductors. Incandescent bulbs can range up to 1.5 volts to 300 volts respectively.

We also have Halogen bulbs or fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, Edison bulbs, etc. Some of the bulbs offered here are twisted such as energy savers, a few are circular, diamond-shaped, tea or round tea, tear or drop shape and others are long pipe or cylindrical shaped bulbs. We have small, oval and pointed bulbs also. Few Bulbs include small LEDs and few include little COBs.

Material included in Bulbs:

Commonly materials involved in bulb structures are Glass body, filament, support wires, contact wires, LEDs, metal base, and gas. Bulbs may vary different colours due to different colours of glass or sometimes different colours of lead or pigments as some are warm, white and others are colourful.

Bulb sizes:

Fincera offers different bulb sizes. Few bulbs have a small band of holders and few have broader holders. Therefore, thin and broad bulb bands are designed accordingly and their thickness can be defined as 4mm,9mm, etc. Bulbs are available in sizes like G4, G9, G95 E 14, E27, C35, A60, ST64 A19, SG, G45, G125 twist or plain, etc. 

Different bulbs have different voltage capacity. We have 3w,4w,6w,8w,40w &2700k capacity bulbs available.

For all kind of these bulbs or more designs, please visit Fincera (Pvt) limited 

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