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What is Chandelier?

A chandelier is essentially a large branched decorative lighting fixture usually installed on walls or ceilings. Chandeliers can be elaborate and typically use incandescent lights, but modern designs use LEDs and, even more recently, fluorescent lights. When choosing a chandelier, it’s essential to consider what type of lighting is best for your home.


A chandelier can be used to create a focal point in any room of the house, whether it’s a living area dining room or family room. Chandeliers can be used as part of a decorating theme but can also serve as an accent piece. Chandeliers can be made from many materials, but their most common materials are iron and steel. They can also be crafted from other materials such as wood or glass.

A chandelier can be a great addition to a room designed to accent furniture, especially when it matches the room’s overall ambience. However, a chandelier’s size and shape can sometimes limit the amount of illumination it provides, particularly in small spaces. Some chandeliers offer lighting that’s not suitable for small spaces, so it’s essential to take the time to think about how the chandelier will be used before making your final purchase.

Types of Chandeliers

There are three bare chandeliers: open or low, recessed or sconces, and spotlight chandeliers. The type of chandelier you choose will depend on the style of your home. Open-faced chandeliers allow for greater freedom of movement, while recessed chandeliers tend to stay put. If you’re looking for a more classic look, a sconce may be better suited for you. A spotlight chandelier allows for more customization, with the ability to personalize your lighting fixtures’ colors and styles.

Things to Consider While Buying Chandelier in Lahore

One important thing to consider when choosing a chandelier for your home is the type of bulb you use. Chandeliers use a variety of different bulbs. They can be incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, or a combination of the two. Some chandeliers can also feature a unique feature, such as a bulb shade or diffuser. Some chandeliers include built into the fixture base and use only one bulb; others can have a light control switch to control the amount of light it provides.

Choosing a chandelier doesn’t have to be expensive. Online stores and home improvement stores sell chandeliers in Lahore at discount prices. Even an antique store can sell well-made and elegant chandeliers but don’t necessarily offer discounts on them. You can even find chandeliers at some department and online home decor stores.