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What are Classical Chandeliers?

The word Chandelier originated from the French word “chandelle” which means candle. A chandelier, in definition, is any light having more tripping points. In other words, a light that has more than one light is called a chandelier. Light is undoubtedly the most vital part of the home decoration. It can give a classical look to redefine your ambiance with a royal touch and stunning dramatic look.

In the classic era, the Classical chandeliers had been used to ornament beautiful palaces and focal buildings of many places. The word classical itself depicts class and luxury when it comes to its literal meanings. Previously, the classical chandelier has been introduced to complement Greek and Roman Architecture.

A classical chandelier illuminates palaces, homes, churches, temples, corridors, lobbies, loft apartments, halls, dining halls,  castle, drawing rooms, and on the ceilings of mainstream buildings. These days classical chandeliers are highly recommended for wedding events as well. People are using these chandeliers at their wedding stage, marquees, or any other grand occasion.


The classic chandelier comes in different varieties. Some of these chandeliers are made up of glass, while others are made up of metals such as gold, silver, platinum,  copper, or brass. You can find many stores selling chandeliers in Lahore that sell these kinds of antique chandeliers, but we at Fincera is giving an exceptional range of classic chandeliers.

The classical chandelier is designed with branched ornamental lights to fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings. The chandeliers are mostly composed of the Incandescent light bulbs. Classic chandeliers are beautifully designed assortments of hanging crystal strings or crystal droplets in round or pointed shape. It is designed in that mechanism to rotate smoothly with grace. It can be used in both ways as illuminating or lighting space as well as for decoration purposes.

The crystals or glass pieces shaped or carved in different arrangements are arranged in such a classical way that they reflect unique light refractions when illuminated or seen with spotted lights.

Every time, when you enter any place with a classical chandelier hanging upon, you will get drawn into its beauty. Because of its attractiveness and unique decorative classic design, you cannot deny its beauty. Classic chandeliers give such a mesmerizing effect on your brain that you will never forget.

Best Classical Chandeliers Shop

If you do not want to spend tons of money on a new chandelier, you can always go with a contemporary model. Whether you are aiming to purchase a classical chandelier for your home or event halls or traditional buildings, you will be sure to find just about every style, material, shape, design, and color that you will ever want as Fincera is giving an amazing variety of these chandeliers in Lahore.

These classic chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes. They have different color ranges and chrome, clear, gold, champagne, silver, gold champagne, gold chrome, smoke, etc.