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1,850.00 1,295.00
Description:The beautiful amalgamation of rectangle frame of glass with the glass balls in it, making a unique design as a candle holder. All Modern’s wide selection of candle holders spans the modern design spectrum with offerings from the modern and contemporary brands you know and love. You can explore the entire selection of all candle holders.


1,950.00 1,365.00
Description:Candlelight might not be the way we brighten up our homes in our electric age, but that doesn't mean it has no place in your home! A holder like this, with the beautiful combination of shapes and unique joinery, is a great option for lending candlelight's flickering romance to any room.


8,000.00 5,600.00
Description:The combination of basic geometric shapes, circles and ovals of glass in a fantastic style. Nothing can illuminate a room like a set of candles. The way the light emanates from a flame and how it flickers in with the air can make having candles a fantastic way to decorate your home.

VASE GD-7089

9,000.00 6,300.00
Description:In contrast to the above taper down designs, this vase offers a tapering up the silhouette. The taper up design is a relatively new, yet, modest approach. The narrowing up has the advantage of holding the bouquet in place forming a tight cluster of arrangements. The slender vases are simple in design but command attention in its expressive shape. Ideal for florets with medium stems.

VASE GD-7090

9,000.00 6,300.00
Description:The triangular long pieces, vase design is common for floral bouquets ranging from a single stem to a bouquet of wild garden flowers. The taller column vases can support fuller floral arrangements in appropriate proportions. These vases do not occupy a lot of space yet expressive and charming.

VASE GD-7093

10,500.00 7,350.00
Description:This group is collectively known as a “block shape” design. They are all square-shaped cubes of different dimensions and heights. The cube glass vase can be used as candle holders while the taller ones are more adapted to traditional floral arrangements. Dry botanicals or beach themed designs are becoming popular as well as the terrarium type indoor garden.

VASE GD-7099

9,500.00 6,650.00
Description:Square glass vases are one of the most classic of glass vases and glass candle holders. Despite such as simple shape, the possibilities for its use are almost endless. One may choose various heights to accommodate long or short stemmed fresh-cut flowers as well as tall or short pillar candles. The various widths of the square glass vases can hold arrangements of various sizes, from a few stems to a few dozens of flowers or candles. The basic square vase is infinitely versatile and adaptable to modern and traditional homes, in your office or in your store.

Vase GD-7106

10,000.00 7,000.00
Classic glass vase which can hold arrangements of various sizes, from a few stems to a few dozens of flowers. The design is versatile and gives an elegant look to any space. Adding a stunning look this glass vase adds a classy appeal to any area.


Fincera offers a wide range of home décor items. Additionally, these stunning products designed to add an elegant look in any space. Moreover, they create the most refined spaces when accessorized with these chic decors. Similarly designed to transform spaces giving them an aesthetic appeal by adding these elegant accessories into homes.

Also, accented with stunning furniture pieces they create the most sophisticated interior designs that add a charismatic appeal.  These striking décor pieces create the most amazing interiors. Adding a bit of luxury to any space that redefines style.

Likewise, these home décor items include mirrors that add a touch of glamour in any area. Also, they give the illusion of spaciousness in a room. Moreover, a wide range of stunning vases is also available at Fincera these enhance the look of any space. Similarly, candleholders are also offered that adds a hint of sophistication to any space.


Furthermore, created with excellent quality materials. Likewise, they are resistant to any kind of damage. Also, they give a space a refined look. In addition to this, these are low maintenance. Likewise, these products are tough and durable. Also, they have a long life-span. Additionally, they are easy to clean.

Moreover, give a space an interesting look. Also, its smooth and refined texture gives it a very exquisite look. Moreover, when lighted the reflective properties of glass creates a compelling look. Also, it is resistant to getting stained or getting any spots. Likewise, any dust cleans easily.

Moreover, they clean by simply using a damp cloth. Likewise, it gives off a lustrous sheen which makes it perfect for creating sophisticated spaces. We ensure that the finest quality products are available. Also, they not only provide a stunning aesthetic look but they create a style statement in any space.


Furthermore, the accessories available at Fincera are of excellent quality. Moreover, these are the most contemporary designs to add to the aesthetic appeal of any design space. Also, available in a number of different colours, styles and a variety of different designs.

Similarly, they create the most eye-catching interiors that create the most aesthetic spaces. Also, they add a charismatic look to the interior spaces and add a sense of sophistication. Additionally, add a stunning look creating the most well-defined spaces and add a classy look to these spaces.

Similarly, designed to add a classy style that enriches the interior space adding to its visual allure. Likewise, these accessories create a fun look adding a trendy look to any space. Also, adding these accessories to any space will bring a sense of elegance in any space. Moreover, they add interest to any space that adds a stylish twist.


Furthermore, these home décor items are suitable for use in any space. Moreover, designed for both residential and commercial use. Likewise, these are suitable for use in spaces such as the living room, bedroom, dining rooms or any other area. Similarly, placing these accessories and styling them with other decors creates a striking appeal. Likewise, placing these decors over tables, centre tables, end tables, fireplaces, shelves, and mantle pieces creates a stunning look. These decors such as the candles and the vases placed used as centrepieces creates an enigmatic look.

In addition to this, the wide range available that adds a subtle look of glamour adding an elegant appeal to these spaces. Furthermore, the mirrors are perfect for mounting on any wall of an indoor space. Likewise, suitable for creating charismatic accents to any interior space and creating a mesmerizing appeal. Complementing any kind of interior design.


Adding these fun accessories to any part of a home creates an intriguing look. Also, they give a space individuality and add to its stunning character that giving it a unique look. Also, these accessories add a luxurious look to any space that adds to its elegant appeal.

Moreover, these home décor items have a timeless appeal and designed to be of high quality and are durable. Thus, making them suitable for long term use. Also, they give a space a finished look that adds to its sophistication and elegant appeal creating a pleasing look. Also, these elegant home décor items are suitable for creating stunning accents that create a tremendous look in any space.


In addition to this, these home décor items are available at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt. Also, these are excellent quality products with a stunning aesthetic appeal. Thus, placing these products in any space gives it a warm and an uplifting look. Moreover, these are available in a variety of different sizes, styles, designs and types at Fincera Lahore Pakistan.

Also, these decors work well with any colour scheme and enhance the look of any interior design. Furthermore, these designed to add charisma in an interior space. Similarly, these are available at the Fincera web portal.