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Description:The beautiful amalgamation of rectangle frame of glass with the glass balls in it, making a unique design as a candle holder. All Modern’s wide selection of candle holders spans the modern design spectrum with offerings from the modern and contemporary brands you know and love. You can explore the entire selection of all candle holders.

Candle Holders Online in Pakistan

As a word show that this is a stand of a candle which holds many candles. Therefore, candle holders are available at different designs. Moreover, these holders are used for different purposes. However, you can use these holders for artificial decorations at your homes, offices etc.. These candleholders in Pakistan also helps in light purpose. Although, the fire on these holders gives a classy look with glamour. The light of fire makes your room a sign of pleasure for you.

The glass on the holders for fire after a burning fire again reuse for the beautification of your rooms and offices. Fincera one of the popular brands provide these holders. Therefore, Fincera provides these holders with different designs. Furthermore, our company provide these candle holders with complete satisfying information. In addition to this, Fincera brand provides these candle holders or stands at reasonable or maximize price in DHA lahore with all complete satisfying description.

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A range of stunning candle holders offered at Fincera. Moreover, these candle holders are a perfect accessory to add elegance to any space. Thus, they enhance the interior décor of any area. Also, give a chic look to any space.

Moreover, they lit candles give any space a mesmerizing look. Thus, add a charismatic appeal in any space. Furthermore, these candle holders add a luxurious appeal to the interior design of any space. Thus, they create stunning accents wherever used. Likewise, these candle holders a perfect for creating eloquent spaces.

Also, they give a space a finished look when accessorized with other things. Furthermore, giving a fine look to any space they add a subtle charisma. Moreover, the holder complements any type of interior décor. Thus, adding to the refined look of any space. Also, creating a stunning ambience in any space.


Additionally, created with high-quality materials. Moreover, they are resistant to any damage. Also, they are resistant to getting any kind of scratches. Thus, they are sturdy and tough. Also, its smooth and refined texture gives it a very exquisite look.

Furthermore, they are a durable decorative piece. Likewise, they are resistant to getting chipped off. Also, they are easy to clean. Furthermore, finished with a smooth finish which adds an elegance to these spaces.

Moreover, when lighted the reflective properties of glass creates a compelling look. Also, it is resistant to getting stained or getting any spots. Likewise, any dust cleans easily. Moreover, they clean by simply using a damp cloth.Likewise, it gives off a lustrous sheen which makes it perfect for creating sophisticated spaces.


The candle holders are elegantly designed to add a refined look to any space. Thus, created with glass amalgamated into an exquisite design which adds to its striking look. Moreover, these designs add a wondrous look to any space.

Additionally, the size is perfect for placing on tables or shelves giving them individuality. Also, the design works well with any type of décor and colour scheme. Furthermore, adding a hint of luxury to these spaces. Thus, its sophisticated design creates a modern look to any space.

Likewise, its simplicity also adds to its timeless feel. Thus, making it suitable for any space. Moreover, its design appropriate for giving a luxurious touch that also articulates a modern style. Furthermore, it is available in-store at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt. Also, they are available online at the Fincera web portal.


Incorporating these gorgeous pieces into any interior design adds a mesmerizing appeal. Moreover, perfect for lighting up spaces with an elegant style. Also, they add a create a calm serene ambience in any home. Likewise, it is an effortless way to create a cosy environment that also gives it a lavish feel. Moreover, its small size allows them to fit in any space of home also adding a pure classiness in any space.

Additionally, they brighten up the design of any space. Also, create a warm inviting look. Thus, they add a lively look in any dull space. Moreover, they accentuate a style statement. Likewise, they are sure to make a classy impact on any space.

Also, they are suitable for filling up empty spaces. Thus, adding a modern extravagance to these spaces. Also, their enduring design makes perfect for long term use for decoration purposes adds sheer luxury.


These candleholders are a perfect way to add stunning accents to any space. Also, designed for placing over tables, centre tables, end tables, fireplaces, shelves, mantle pieces. Moreover, suitable for use as a centrepiece. Likewise, accessorized with other types of décor such as flower arrangements they radiate elegance.

Thus, becomes the focal point of any space. Also, add charisma to these spaces. Their size allows them to fit in with any type of space. Also, they create stunning mood lighting. Thus, making a space look more lively. Furthermore, these single pieces grouped together enhances the grace of any space.

Moreover, they are appropriate for indoor use in spaces such as hallways, dining room, bedrooms, living rooms. Also, their use in commercial areas for creating a sense of sophistication and luxury. Similarly, they give a space a finishing touch when accessorized with them.


Created with high-quality materials. Moreover, candle holders do not get damaged. Thus, they enhance interiors creating an elegant ambience. Thus, available in a variety of different designs. Likewise, these designs are timeless suitable for a lasting decoration use.

Moreover, they give a classiness to interior spaces. Also, made resist any breakage. Moreover, they are a perfect for interior decoration that designed to last longer. Thus, creating stunning accents for any space. Furthermore, designed in different styles to add a wondrous appeal that also echoes a modern trend. Moreover, it is available at Fincera Lahore Pakistan in a range of exquisite styles.