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A wide range of high-quality circuit breakers offered here at Fincera. Furthermore, designed to prevent damage to a circuit caused by the extra flow of current. Additionally, from an excess of current or short circuit. Its main purpose is to stop the flow of current that when a fault gets sensed. 

Thus, the circuit breaker has to interfere with the flow of current. Moreover, these are available in a number of different sizes. Thus, these include those devices which are smaller in size for household use and commercial use. Additionally, the circuit breaker resets itself or done manually in order to continue operating normally. 

Furthermore, these are of excellent quality. Also, these are necessary for use in terms of safety. Thus, it protects from any potential danger caused by electric current. In addition, these are reliable products available at affordable products. Protecting the electrical system from getting damaged.


Similarly, these products are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they have a long life-span. Also, they are suitable for long term use. Similarly, they do not require any spares. Furthermore, make with excellent quality materials these products are resistant to corroding or getting damaged.

Moreover, these excellent quality products are available at in-store at Fincera. Also, these offered at the Fincera web portal. Fincera is a trusted company offering these products in excellent quality. Also, available at affordable rates.

Also, our company offers a wide assortment of electrical products. Moreover, designed to be of excellent quality and meet any need. Thus, these include lighting fixtures, a number of different kinds of electrical fittings. It is a trusted provider of these products and does not compromise on quality. 


Furthermore, circuit breakers prevent too much flow of electric current. Similarly, these are necessary to use as they prevent electrical appliances from getting damaged. Also, they are very sensitive devices which instantly detect any fault and stops the current from flowing.

In addition to this, this circuit breaker also performs the role of a switch. Hence, this circuit is mainly designed for opening or closing of an electrical circuit device. Furthermore, this device protects the electricity system from damage. 

Likewise, these are suitable for long term use as they do not require replacing them as compared to a fuse. Additionally, they reset automatically. Also, these only require flipping the switch in order to reset it. Furthermore, these do not require frequent replacements which saves costs. Also, we only offer high-quality products. 


In addition to this, it’s known to be an automatically operated electrical device. Therefore, this circuit device is a switching device that intersects the unusual or fault current. Moreover, this is a mechanical device that distracts the movement of high magnitude current.

Thus, it is an essential feature to add to an electrical system. Also, it detects if there is a short circuit which could mean an excess current is being pulled. Additionally, caused by a wiring issue in an electrical appliance. 

Also, caused by a ground fault which occurs due to high moisture. Moreover, it could be due to an overloaded circuit. These breakers are available in different types. Fincera provides these breakers in different types. 


However, this device is suitable for use at both residential and commercial areas. Also, these protect electrical appliances and are suitable for household application. Similarly, these are of excellent quality. In addition to this, these devices are reusable.

Also, Fincera offers a highly trained team of professionals to install this device. Also, it works smoothly without damaging the electrical system or any other household electrical appliances. Thus, it prevents the wires from getting heated up which could lead to electrical fires. 

Likewise, this device is a necessary product to install for the smooth running of electricity. Moreover, these reliable devices are compact. Also, they have a long life-span. In addition to this, they instantly detect any fault current.  


Circuit breaker is the best device to use in order to stop the current from overflowing. Thus, damaging the electrical system. Moreover, it has a strap made of metal. Also, it may have a magnet in it. Similarly, a top and bottom which allows the electricity to flow through them. Also, if it senses too much flow of electricity the strip of metal bends. 

Moreover flipping the outer switch. Likewise, it has a magnet in it the magnet becomes stronger and pulls the lever of metal which then flips the switch. Consequently, the current stops flowing through the circuit. Likewise, in order to resume connection, the switch has to be reset manually.

In addition to this, it is a safe option to use in order to prevent any damage to the appliances. Also, preventing any danger such as an electrical fire. Additionally, we proudly offer these products in-store and available online.