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Garden Pole Lights

As the name shows that these poles are uses in Gardens. Therefore, these poles are made of strong iron. Hence, these iron poles have silver finishing on it. Moreover, this finishing saves these poles from rust. Furthermore, these poles provide a huge amount of light. The light from these poles looks like a shining star in the garden. These poles are available in different shapes and colors. However, these garden poles use the low capacity for electricity. In addition to this, these poles are helpful in night vision.

Fincera is the topmost brand that offers these garden poles. Therefore, our company is providing these poles with trustworthy or precise information about this product. In addition to this, Our company also provides these poles at a good and attractive price. We also provide a skillful team for implementing this product. You can easily order this product at Fincera showroom or web portal.

Product Type

A range of garden poles is available at Fincera. Moreover, offered in a variety of different designs and styles. Furthermore, designed to light up any outdoor space in a charismatic way. Thus, adding a stunning look to any outdoor space.

Thus, adding a unique look that highlights the exterior of a building or a landscape. Similarly, it not only adds to the aesthetic of any outdoor but it increases the functionality of a space. Moreover, they create an eye-catching look. Also, these garden poles designed to brighten up any space.

Thus, giving it an aesthetic appeal where placed. Likewise, it provides an adequate amount of illumination in any space. In addition to this, designed to give empty landscapes a fascinating look. Similarly, it adds an intriguing look when placed in any space becoming the focal point of that area.


Designed to be durable. Moreover, it retains its shape all year round. Likewise, it withstands any harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it provides a good amount of light at night where needed.

In addition to this, it resists any kind of damage such as rust or corrosion.

Also, its design works well with any type of exterior. Enhances the outdoor décor such as the lawns while adding a stunning aesthetic appeal to that area. Likewise, it does not require much maintenance. Also, it cleans easily with the use of a damp cloth.


Designed for lighting both residential and commercial spaces. Thus, it gives a very refined look to an outdoor space. Moreover, adding a striking appeal. In addition to this, designed to make a space more bright with this design. Furthermore, they give the space a mesmerizing look.

Also, the finishing done on these garden poles gives a very stunning rustic look to any space. Also, it complements any type of outdoor area. Moreover, its design and color adds an interesting feature to the outdoor space. Thus, enhancing it and adding a charismatic appeal to this space.

Furthermore, gives a contemporary look to the outdoor space, also makes it appear more eloquent. Illuminates the outdoor space makes it appear more refined and highlights the different features of the garden. Also, it adds character to an outdoor space. Thus, giving it a dramatic look. Likewise, enhancing that space.


Thus, they make space appear more uplifting and inviting. Likewise, illuminates the outdoor areas. Thus, giving these spaces an interesting look that enhances the quality of outdoor areas.

Moreover, they more usable and aesthetically pleasing.

Makes the area safer when lighted. Moreover, these garden poles add an intriguing look in the day time as well due to the look of its striking design. Furthermore, it stands out in any space and has an eloquent appeal. Moreover, it instantly becomes the focal point of any area.

Placed along with other plants these, garden poles highlights the different elements of a garden, where placed. Thus, with light, it creates exquisite accents. Thus, making space appear more sleek and stylish with its texture and stunning color. Furthermore, it is available in-store at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt. Also, they are available online at the Fincera web portal.


Additionally, designed to give a very stunning look to an outdoor space. Thus, it livens up a space giving it a wondrous appeal. Also, perfect for gardens, lawns, patios, decks. Thus, accented with exteriors of any building they look incredible.

Moreover, place along pathways, entryways, in parks, home gardens, or any area. They look tremendous when lighted at night. Also, they are suitable for placing next to outdoor sitting areas to make these spaces appear livelier. Likewise, adding a stunning visual allure to the exteriors.

Similarly, perfect for filling in empty spaces in the outdoors. Furthermore, placed along with an entryway these lights give a warm and inviting feel. Also, they are suitable to highlight any features of a lawn or landscape. Furthermore, placed along a walkway these lights create a well-defined space. Thus, making it visible while adding a striking look to it.


Produced with high-quality materials. These designed to be waterproof. Moreover, they are weather resistant. Thus, do not get damaged by harsh weather conditions. Also, made with aluminum.

Furthermore, manufactured with excellent quality of raw materials which makes these products tough and durable. Furthermore, available in black color. Thus, the usable light source for this product is an energy saver or an LED bulb. Similarly, it is resistant to rust. Also, it does not damage.

Moreover, the excellent quality of materials and its finishing make it tough and sturdy. Due to its nature of being anti-corrosive, these garden poles have a very long life-span. Also, designed to meet the need of the users. Moreover, they stay in shape all year round. In addition, it is available at Fincera Lahore Pakistan.