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Floor Lamps

You don’t always have to have perfect furniture, but a perfect floor lamp is sometimes enough to value your overall ambience.

A hint of lighting from the ground-up is the perfect chic addition to your space to define its importance.

Floor lamps are basically lamps placed on the floors of any indoor space to highlight or illuminate any specific area. Most people use to place these lamps in the corners or prefer to add them in corners to avoid mishandling as they are tall in height.

Floor lamps can be in a variety of collections. e.g., they can be wrought iron, metal, wood, steel, brass acrylic, or any other material like these with a strong base to stand firm.

Floor lamps have different kinds of lampshades. Their range includes plain, patterned, floral, printed, canvas, silk, hand-painted, textured, glittered, embossed, embellished, embroidered, etc. 


Modern Floor Lamps available for Indoors:

 If you are looking for modern floor lamps in Lahore, then Fincera is the right place to stop shop!

Fincera stores are having a modern variety of floor lamps for your indoor spaces. These ranges include lamps in metal and wooden base along with different kinds of lampshades and different colors. These floor lamps can be in square, rectangular, or round shape.

Also, Fincera is having decorative floor lamps to enhance the beauty of your modern living room or drawing-room.

 Application or Usage:

Floor lamps can be best used in indoor spaces like the living room, dining halls, or drawing. Also, you may place these lamps in your study rooms or mini-libraries at home. Few people like to add floor lamps in their Powder rooms.  Also, Floor lamps can be seen in areas like reception or lobbies of different hotels, paired with a set of chairs.

Few floor lamps are the best addition to any program or shoot set according to the theme.

Moreover, Floor lamps are a good addition to décor in the corner of your bedroom. Mostly, people pair these floor lamps with a single seat or couch to the corner of their bedrooms to give that place a warm and cozy feel while enjoying reading their favourite books or papers.

Furthermore, these lamps are suitable for both commercial or residential indoor areas.

If you are looking for a suitable floor lamp for your indoor spaces, then visit Fincera Stores at

131-CCA DHA Phase 4 

119/1 B2 College Road, Township Lahore.

You may also visit our website to order online.