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Glass hanging lights

Glass hanging lights are the same as other categories of hanging lights mounted on ceilings along-with wire, strings, rope, or rod, but the only difference is that these lights are composed of glass material. 

These glass-hanging lights are further classified into coloured glass, acrylic glass, fibreglass, chrome glass hangings, or ceramic glass hanging lights.

Glass hanging lights can also be defined as task lights or spotlighting. These glass-hanging lights are the most popular among interior designers and homeowners.


Designed to create the most stunning interior spaces that add character to any area, their premier benefit is they amplify or maximize the amount of emitting light.

Some of the glass hangings are designed in straight downlight glass hanging and, others have different abstract shapes in glass or acrylic lights. Few other glass hangings can be in bottle shape of various designs and sizes. Ball glass hangings, cylindrical, cone-shaped, glass pipes, drop like are few kinds of popular glass hangings used in the kitchen or cafes.

The most beautiful or amazing glass-hanging lights are the crystal glass hangings. Other glass hanging lights are either ceramic or chrome glass hangings to match with your interior.


Our glass-hanging lights are designed with sheer perfection, and these lights can be used to décor your interior spaces besides illuminating your favourite spots. You can use these glass-hanging lights in both residential and commercial buildings depending upon their demand.

Decorative glass hanging lights available in Lahore:

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