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Don’t miss out on the fun and add colours to your space with Neon SMD Lights. SMD Neon light means it has both properties of SMD light and neon pigments. Neon light has a better light performance than a LED light as it distributes equal amounts of lights throughout the surface line.


The design of neon light is the same as simple as led light. It is also flexible and bendable but thicker than LED light strips because of the flexible rubber coating base.

There are various RGB colours available in SMD Neon lights, which reflects equal amounts of light when switched on.

Usage or Application of SMD Neon lights:

Neon strip light has multiple uses. These SMD strip lights can be used both commercially and residentially.

Neon lights are quiet, in fashion as they are used in rooms, living rooms, entryways, hallways, powder, lobby, foyer, drawing dining, lounge, etc. Also, these neon lights are utilized in many other places as well. People are using these neon strip lights inside their cars to give it a stereo look.

Neon lights are considered to be the most exciting light these days. When used in clubs or cafes, it gives a disco feel.

Many gaming studios or tech studios use these neon lights for lighting purposes. It is also known as tech lighting, and it gives a thrilling or exciting gesture when it comes to introducing different gadgets.

Neon Art:

Neon art has its own hype within the young generation these days. It is the talk of the town this year when it comes to room décor. Besides using neon lights in ceilings, people are using these neon lights for creating different logos, name-tags, or captions for their walls. Neon light boards are also pretty up-to-the-minute for branding on the main boards or hoardings of any brand. Neon strips can be easily cut into different alphabets and combine with adapters to get the desired name/caption or logo design.

Best Neon lights in Lahore:

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