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Spot Light

Spot lights are intense illuminated light. This light can produce a direct effect on the targeted person or place. In other words, this light will produce a glimpse effect on the person or place. Moreover, this light is using mostly at stages, films, museum, parks, etc for attractive looks. Further, these lights are also mange in different varieties for coverage. You may use this spot lights in different colors. However, these lights are also available in different categories.

Fincera where style lives: is the most emerging designing brand provides this spotlight. In addition, our company also entertain you with faithful and genuine information about this product. This product is available in a different color at Fincera. Moreover, Fincera also provides installation team of this product at a reasonable rate. Above all, this product is available at profitable or reasonable cost at Fincera. For more information or details, you may visit at Fincera showroom.

Product type

A wide range of spotlights are available at Fincera. Thus, these designed to add stunning accents in different spaces. Likewise, designed for outdoor use. Furthermore, they provide direct lighting to any space. Also, keep them well lighted. Suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Similarly, increase their aesthetic charisma. Moreover, used for highlighting different features of a space. Also, these are small and compact which makes these lights suitable for fitting into any space. Thus, available in a warm white colour they enhance any type of space. Similarly, they provide adequate lighting in any space where used.

Thus, making the spaces appear brighter and gives them an interesting visual allure. Additionally, installed in outdoor areas they create the most mesmerizing spaces and emphasizing the areas where required. Thus, they create the most luxurious exteriors. Likewise, they add a stunning accent to these outdoor spaces.


In addition to this, these lights are waterproof. Also, designed to be tough and sturdy. Likewise, these are durable products. Moreover, they are weather resistant. Similarly, these do not damage easily. Furthermore, resistant to damage they do not rust or corrode.

Thus, they create a moonlighting effect wherever placed. Moreover, adds to the sophistication of any space. Likewise, makes the outdoor appear livelier. Also, they add a subtle classy look to the exteriors. Similarly, installed near patios and decks these spot lights provide striking accents to any area.

Also, they are suitable for placing next to a building highlighting its architectural features. Likewise, the farther away placed from the object the greater surface area the light covers. Thus, more area gets covered this way.  Additionally, giving the exterior of a building a hint of luxury. Moreover, they create well lit outdoor spaces which look appealing.


Additionally, designed with a stunning stainless steel body. Moreover, it is available in a striking copper colour. Furthermore, designed for underground fitting these lights create a charismatic appeal in any space. Angled towards exteriors of buildings these spot lights emphasize the different features of the building. Thus, enhancing it and creating an eye-catching look that transcends trend.

Likewise, they give a space a stunning aesthetic look. Also, they add a subtle elegance to these outdoor areas with their striking light temperature. Thus, placed along a wall it creates an interesting look and gives it a compelling appeal. Furthermore, it is available in-store at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt.

In addition to this, the light designed to be adjustable and sets to any angle. Thus, emphasizing or focusing on any area or object where needed. Likewise, adding a visual allure to the outdoor area. Thus, giving it a finished look.


Lighting outdoor spaces with these spot lights not only makes the outdoor spaces look charming. Moreover, increases the functionality of any space. They create a mesmeric look with this method. Thus, making them more useful. Also, it adds to the security of any space. Thus, these lights designed to highlight the different elements of outdoor spaces.

Placed along with fences these lights give a refined look. Also, they make a space appear more uplifting and brighter. A well-lit outdoor area creates a fascinating appeal. Also, lighting makes the space appear more spacious. Thus, gives the space a unique look.

Moreover, it perfect for creating a well-defined area. Placed along with other plants these, garden poles highlights the different elements of a garden, where placed. Thus, with light, it creates exquisite accents and highlights different textures and colours of plants and shrubs.


These lights designed for outdoor spaces. Moreover, suitable for use in landscapes. Likewise, installed with plants or trees and shrubs these lights add a charismatic appeal. Also, perfect for emphasizing different areas. Similarly, these lights provide stunning accents that add to the charisma of these spaces.

Additionally, spot lights are a great way to transform an outdoor space. Similarly, these angled towards trees, plants or shrubs gives them a tremendous look. Thus, highlighting these features.

Similarly, they create an interesting look in these areas. Also, making them the focal point. Likewise, they provide a good amount of light that makes these spaces appear more intriguing.

Furthermore, placed in with sitting areas these lights are perfect for lighting up these spaces. Thus, giving them a warm uplifting and an inviting look. Moreover, placed along with pathways, walkways and entryways these spot lights create a striking impact.


Produced with high-quality materials these lights designed to give an exquisite look. Moreover, they add a stunning appeal that not only redefines space but creates an eye-catching look. Thus, stainless steel used in its making.

Likewise, it protects the light from getting any kind of damage. Additionally, it is low maintenance.  Furthermore, it cleans easily. Moreover, its LED light makes space appear brighter. In addition, it is available at Fincera Lahore Pakistan. Also, they are available online at the Fincera web portal.