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Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are simple lamps fix on walls. These lamps mostly have aluminum coating. Similarly, wall lamps are available in different colors. Moreover, these lamps are also available in different categories. The light of the wall lamp produces a stylish and classic look which makes your room attractive. These decorative wall lamps are easy to install. However, wall lamps are used at homes, offices, study rooms, drawing rooms etc… Furthermore, wall lamps are also available in different lights color.

The great designing brand Fincera is providing these decorative wall lamps. Therefore, our company offers these lamps in different varieties. Moreover, these are also available in different colors. Fincera brand provides these decorative wall lamps at their showroom and web portal online. In addition to this, you can choose your desired wall lamp on Fincera with definite or accurate information of this product. Fincera provides this product at a reasonable rate.

Product Type

Fincera offers a wide range of decorative wall lamps. Moreover, these lamps create a stunning look to any space. Furthermore, designed to give a refined look to any space. Also, designed for mounting on the walls. Thus, giving a space a sleek and stylish look. Likewise, they add charisma to any space.

Thus, giving the area stunning accents. Furthermore, they highlight the architectural features of a building or a wall where placed. Moreover, designed to light outdoor spaces and give these areas a wondrous appeal. Also, available in a number of different designs. In a number of different colours, shapes, forms and finishes.

Additionally, they add sophistication to a space. Likewise, they add an elegant appeal to any space. Moreover, makes the space appear more mesmerizing. Also, it creates a unique look to any space. Moreover, it is a timeless design that creates a classy look.


In addition to this, these decorative wall lamps designed with excellent quality materials. Thus, these materials make these lights tough and sturdy. Also, they are durable products and they have a long life-span. Moreover, they are waterproof. Likewise, designed to add a stunning appeal to any interior or exterior spaces.

Furthermore, these lights withstand any harsh weather conditions. Also, they retain their shapes.

Moreover, they are resistant to any kind of damage. Similarly, they do not rust or corrode. Likewise, they do not require much maintenance. In addition, it is available at Fincera Lahore Pakistan.

Also, they are easy to clean. In addition to this, they are resistant to any kind of scratches. Thus, they provide a good amount of lighting outdoors. Furthermore, these decorative wall lamps are easy to install and remove. Similarly, they do not break and give an elegant look to any space.


Furthermore, these lights are available in a variety of different designs and styles. Moreover, these lights offered in striking neutral colours. Similarly, available in a number of different shapes and designs. Thus, these lights give an elegant appeal to any area.

Likewise, these stunning designs add a hint of luxury to any space. Also, these lights become the focal point of any space. Moreover, perfect for application near entryways and in porches. Also, these applied on the exterior of a residential building these lights give a striking look.

Moreover, these decorative wall lamps become the focal point of any space that radiates a stylish look.  Furthermore, available in tempered glass or clear glass fixtures and aluminium body fixtures to give a space a modern look that radiates style.


Additionally, placing these lights outdoors not only enhances the outdoor spaces. Thus, it makes these spaces well lit which aids in increasing their functionality. Moreover, they give these spaces an aesthetic appeal. Also, applied in porches these lights are perfect for night time.

Thus, making the exterior of a home appear more elegant and look refined. Similarly, they make the building appear to compelling by emphasizing its stunning features and colour at night. Moreover, placed on a wall next to a landscape or lawn they are useful for highlighting trees, plants and shrubs.

Adding to the aesthetics of these landscapes. Moreover, these decorative wall lamps make the space more safe by providing an adequate amount of lighting outdoors. Also, they enhance these areas with sleek look and sophisticated design.


Thus, applied in many different spaces these lights add a stunning appeal. Also, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. These lights are perfect for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, yards, exterior walls of a building. Likewise, they are suitable for mounting on any wall.

Thus, these fixtures applied on balconies of an area creates a striking appeal. Moreover, designed for porches and any outdoor space giving these areas an intriguing look. Additionally, these lights add a contemporary look to any space. Also, they withstand any harsh weather conditions. Thus, adding a hint of luxury in these spaces.

Also, placing these lights on the walls of a house highlights the stunning architectural features of a building. Moreover, they give it an elegant twist that radiates a trendy style. Also, these lights are suitable for highlighting a certain object. Thus, giving it a classy appeal.


Furthermore, these decorative wall lamps created with high-quality materials. Moreover, designed with aluminium which is available in different colours and designs. Also, they create a stunning look to any space. Thus, these lights utilize LED lighting which makes spaces well lit. Likewise, these lights are low maintenance. Additionally, they clean easily.

Moreover, they are suitable for emphasizing any area showcasing its stunning colour and eloquent texture.  Similarly available in different colour temperatures to meet the need for any design aesthetic. Furthermore, it is available in-store at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt. Also, they are available online at the Fincera web portal.