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The strip light is also known as rope light is a strip or string of light containing multiple lighting chips or LEDs in one line. These types of lights are primarily used as decorative lights or sometimes as a soothing light in any indoor space. Strip lights are commonly fixed upon the ceiling or false ceilings of any indoor space. These strip lights have multiple applications.


Strip lights are a simple strip-like designed light with multiple mini bulbs encased in a plastic /PVC jacket. Few strips lights include double wire others may include three wires in a single strip for dimming or flashing functionality. The flexibility of these strip lights depends upon the thickness of the strip. These lights can be of different voltage capacities.

Strip lights can be defined in two different categories according to their properties. One type is LED strip light and another one is Neon SMD strip light. LED strip lights can be in warm or white colour but SMD Neon lights are available in a number of different RGB colours.


Strip lights or rope lights available in Fincera are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting. These strip lights emit high-brightness and different size options. You can easily mount these strip lights at any place you want.


Rope lights are applicable for both indoors and outdoors. These lights are used both commercially or residentially. The usage or application of these lights depends upon their properties. These strip lights have multiple uses. 

Strip lights can be used in your homes, your bedroom ceilings, bathrooms, vanities, living room, drawing dining, powder, or foyer areas.

Also, these lights can be mounted in commercial buildings, cars, cafes, gaming zones, studios, different tech outlets, cinemas, offices, auditoriums or halls, etc.

Most durable Strip Lights available in Lahore:

If you wish to buy any sort of durable rope light, neon light, or LED strip lights then Fincera has a beautiful range of these lights for your ceilings. 

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