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CosWick Solid Art&Craft Flooring

950.00 760.00
LONDON Wood species | Oak Collection | Arts & Crafts Grade | Character Finish | Hardwax Oil, Silk Oil ultra matte Structural Warranty | Lifetime

CosWick Solid Country Flooring

950.00 617.50
MILK CHOCOLATE Wood species | Oak Collection | Country Grade | 1 Common, 1 Natur Finish | Silk Oil Structural Warranty | Lifetime

Impression Wide LF-K049 Flooring

Planks in the box: 6Plank Size: 1,285 x 327 x 8 mm Guaranteed for 20 years Class 23: For heavy usage in domestic areas Class 32 / AC 4: For normal usage in commercial areas 4 sided V-groove Eco-Friendly Aquastop 8 mm Handscraped (selected decors) A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating Synchronous look 1clic 2go pure VOC A+

Wood Flooring Shop in Lahore

Flooring has a very major impact on any space when it comes to interior
designing. The flooring creates a refined style adding to the classiness of
an area. Similarly, it adds a hint of sophistication to an interior space, giving it a clean, finished look. No matter how beautiful your interior décor is if it is not placed on the right surface or right foreground. Flooring is famous worldwide, and Pakistan is also following the wood flooring trend for years. Luckily now we have ultimate options for wood flooring in Lahore as well. Fincera offers a different range of flooring options for your place. These flooring options include laminated floors, solid wooden floors, and China imported floors. A wide assortment of laminated wood flooring products is available in different brands and high quality to add a hint of luxury to any space. Moreover, solid wood flooring available here gives any space a timeless look that reflects organic surfaces and gives an aesthetic appeal. Solid wood flooring options include matt to high-gloss floors.

Fincera offers tough and sturdy floors which are highly durable. Moreover,
these floors are resistant to stains or any wear and tear. In addition to this,
these hard-wearing floors don’t get dented or scratched easily. Wooden
floors are environment-friendly, having an anti-bacterial coating. Floors do not get any scratches due to the robust, durable surface. Laminated wood flooring is waterproof, and it can resist moisture. The colors of the flooring do not fade or damage with exposure to sunlight. They require little to low maintenance, and they can be clean easily. Likewise, their installation and removal are easy. Thus, this wood flooring or laminated wooden flooring is long-lasting and creates a stunning look in any space that augments a graceful allure.

Wood Flooring Design:
Laminate wood flooring is available in different sizes, colors, and textures,
creating a unique look in any space. Thus, the flooring showcases a very
natural-looking wood grain, enhancing the look of any interior space.
Laminated floors include; Super Natural Classic, Variostep, Vintage,
Castello and other Chinese laminated floors. While solid wooden floors
include brands like, Art & craft; Classic, Heritage, Country, etc. Additionally, wooden floor accessories include Skirting, T-molding, and reducers respectively. The finish exhibits a hand-scraped surface giving the appeal of the natural grain. Some of these have a matte finish, while some have a glossy finish on the surface.
Other kinds of flooring options give an exquisite look to interiors with its
embossed surface, creating a rough jazz look to define its impact. These
come in various designs, styles, colors, and species adding to meet the
need for any interior design—also, these neutral colors of wood complement any interior décor or furniture.


Wooden flooring designs are available for both residential and commercial
use. The natural look of wood enhances interior space and works well with
any color scheme, adding texture to create a stylish look. These organic
color tones blend perfectly with any interior, giving that place a warm look.
Wood flooring is perfect for heavy usage in spaces; they are used in the
living room, bedrooms, lobbies, corridors, hallways, walkways, kitchen
floors, drawing rooms, dining halls, etc. These floors are perfect for regular
usage in commercial places, like libraries, shops, studios, commercial
plazas, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.


These wooden floors are produced with high-quality materials and
manufactured with the latest technology with several different kinds of wood species. In addition to this, an anti-bacterial coating is added to this
flooring. Available in different plank sizes to meet the required need and adds charisma to interior design. These include narrow planks and broader,planks. Likewise, embellishing these floors with its neutral colors and classy look, this enduring flooring is sure to make an impact on any space. All kinds of these flooring options are available at Fincera DHA Lahore, Cant.

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