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CosWick Solid Art&Craft Flooring

950.00 760.00
LONDON Wood species | Oak Collection | Arts & Crafts Grade | Character Finish | Hardwax Oil, Silk Oil ultra matte Structural Warranty | Lifetime

CosWick Solid Country Flooring

950.00 617.50
MILK CHOCOLATE Wood species | Oak Collection | Country Grade | 1 Common, 1 Natur Finish | Silk Oil Structural Warranty | Lifetime

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is made up of hardwood used for flooring. Therefore, the hard wax oil finishing on this sheet makes it’s quality smooth. Hence, you can easily install this floor sheet on your floor. However, this sheet is available in many different designs. Solid wood flooring also plays a magnificent role in minimizing underfloor heating. For this reason, many people use this sheet to save their floors from sunlight heat. Furthermore, the colour of this flooring sheet shines in both natural or artificial light. Therefore, its colour does not fade away. This flooring sheet attractive design makes your floors magnificent. Although, the effective design of this sheet feels your positive vibes of comfort.

Fincera provides these flooring sheets with affordable or reasonable charges. Hence, these flooring sheets are available on Fincera with complete suitable information. Different colours and designs are also available on Fincera of this sheet.

Product Type

A wide variety of solid wood flooring offered at Fincera. Moreover, these flooring materials add a stunning look in any design space that creates a tremendous interior look. Similarly, they add a stunning appeal creating a refined style. Also, create an interior design that adds elegance.

Furthermore, these spaces designed to give the natural look of wood in any space. Thus, making a classy style statement that adds an elegant look. Also, makes a space appear intriguing with its striking texture and colours. Thus, adding a stunning look. Similarly, these are available at Fincera DHA Lahore Cantt.


Additionally created with high-quality materials. This solid wood flooring is tough and sturdy. Moreover, it withstands any damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Similarly, it is durable and has a long life-span. Furthermore, these are environment-friendly. They are easy to install and remove.

Also, they do not require much maintenance. Similarly, they are easy to clean. Furthermore, they are resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Moreover, their surface coating allows them to withstand any scratches. Similarly, the colours of this flooring material does not fade. Thus, suitable for application in any space.

Moreover, these are resistant to damage from any kind of moisture. Also, they do not get damaged by water. Similarly, these are resistant to getting dented. Also, they create a striking aesthetic look adding an interesting appeal that creates captivating interior spaces. Moreover, giving a contemporary look that creates a tremendous interior design.


In addition to this, these offered in a number of different colours, textures and styles that add a stunning look to this space. Also, it adds a charming appeal. Thus, available in different shades to choose from that meets the need of any kind of interior design.

Furthermore, these shades include shades such as charcoal, milk chocolate, brown malt etc. Giving a classy look to interiors and creating a style statement that is sure to make an impact in any space. Thus, they give a natural look of wood that adds to its aesthetic appeal adding to the sophistication of any design space.

Also, they give a unique look to any design space. Thus, creating a trendy style statement that defines an elegant style. Likewise, available in a number of different wood grains that create a striking look in any design space. Thus, adding a hint of luxury and creating a suave look.


Additionally, suitable for both residential and commercial areas. Furthermore, perfect for application in a number of different spaces. Thus, it adds a charismatic look to any design space. Also, adds a mesmerizing charm. Moreover, they create the most elegant spaces that define style and add a wondrous look.

Moreover, perfect for application in spaces such as the living room, bedroom, kitchens, hallways, entryways and office spaces. Also, the neutral colours of this flooring complement any colour scheme. Likewise, it enhances the look of any space creating a mesmerizing appeal that reflects style.

Similarly, they give a timeless look to any space with its natural-looking grain. Likewise, adds an exquisite look. Also, the neutral colours complement any colour scheme adding sophistication to their furnishings and accessories. In addition, it creates a unique look and completely transforms an interior space adding a finished look. Thus, giving a warm and inviting look.


Solid wood floorings creates a contemporary look. Also, they create the most intriguing interior spaces. Thus, they require little to no maintenance. Thus, enhance the charismatic appeal of an area. Adding a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Moreover, the neutral colours complement any colour scheme and enhance any type of interior accessories adding a graceful look. Also, these are a cost-effective way to create the most lavish interiors that make a great impression of an interior space. Likewise, these are stain-resistant and also very easy to clean.

Furthermore, these are long-lasting materials that retain their look, finish and shape. Additionally, these are resistant to damaging and do not get any scratches on their surface and do not get dented. Giving a space a finished look these solid wood flooring adds a tremendous look. They give a lustrous look to any space adding an exquisite finish.


In addition to this, these flooring materials creates an elegant ambience in any space. Some of these solid wood flooring products finished with lacquer. They give a very natural looking wood creating a timeless feel to a space. That creates the most stunning accents with its grain when accessorized with different furniture pieces. Also, the finishes added to this solid wood flooring create a wondrous look.

Also, the coating done on its surface protects it from any kind of UV damage. Adding a hint of glamour to these spaces. Thus, this flooring offered in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes at the Fincera web portal. Also, they are available at affordable prices in store in Fincera Lahore Pakistan.