3 Layer Flooring,T&G,Oak,Lacquer,1845mmSelect& Better,Walnut

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The description “3 Layer Flooring, T&G, Oak, Lacquer, 1845mm Select & Better, Walnut” provides detailed information about a specific type of flooring:

  1. 3 Layer Flooring: Indicates that the flooring is constructed in three layers, typically comprising a top layer (wear layer), a core layer, and a bottom layer. This construction enhances stability and durability.
  2. T&G: Stands for Tongue and Groove, a type of joint system used for connecting individual flooring planks. This system ensures a secure fit and easy installation.
  3. Oak: Refers to the type of wood used for the top layer of the flooring. Oak is a popular hardwood choice known for its durability and attractive grain patterns.
  4. Lacquer: Indicates the finish applied to the surface of the flooring. Lacquer provides a protective layer, enhancing the wood’s appearance and durability. It also gives the floor a polished look.
  5. 1845mm: Represents the length of each individual plank. Each plank is 1845mm long.
  6. Select & Better: Indicates the grade of the wood. “Select & Better” typically refers to a higher grade of wood, indicating minimal knots and other imperfections, resulting in a cleaner and more uniform appearance.
  7. Walnut: Refers to the color or species of wood. In this case, the flooring has a walnut color, suggesting a rich, dark brown hue that is characteristic of walnut wood.

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