A.S Creation,Vinyl Wallpaper,Floral,Page 13

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Role size: 75 sq. ft


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A.S Creation’s vinyl wallpaper featuring a textured, plain design that might be found on page 33 or 40 of their catalog. This type of wallpaper is often sought for its durability and versatile design.

To locate this particular wallpaper or similar options:

  1. A.S Creation Official Site: Visit A.S Creation’s website and navigate through their collections or product listings. They often provide catalog previews or descriptions that could match the texture and plain design you’re seeking.
  2. Retailers and Online Stores: Check with local interior design stores or home improvement centers that carry A.S Creation wallpapers. You can also search online wallpaper retailers and specify your preferences for textured, plain vinyl wallpapers.
  3. Catalogs or Brochures: If you have access to A.S Creation’s catalogs or brochures, you might find the specific design you’re looking for on pages 33 or 40.
  4. Contact A.S Creation: Reach out to A.S Creation’s customer support. They might offer assistance in locating this particular wallpaper or suggest retailers who stock it.

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