Aluminium COB 7W Recessed Light – CREE-1304 – Warm White

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Aluminium COB 7W Recessed Light – CREE-1304 – Warm White” specifies a recessed light with the following features:

  • Type: Aluminium COB (Chip-on-Board) Recessed Light
  • Power: 7 watts (7W)
  • Brand: CREE
  • Model: 1304
  • Light Color: Warm White

Here’s what each of these specifications means:

  1. Type (Aluminium COB Recessed Light): This recessed light utilizes COB (Chip-on-Board) LED technology, where multiple LED chips are mounted directly onto a single module to provide high-intensity and focused illumination. COB LEDs are known for their brightness, efficiency, and concentrated light output.
  2. Power (7W): The recessed light consumes 7 watts of electrical power. This indicates the energy consumption of the light and provides an idea of its brightness. A 7W LED recessed light is suitable for various indoor lighting applications, including accent lighting and general illumination in smaller spaces.
  3. Brand (CREE): CREE is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of LED lighting products. They are known for producing high-quality, energy-efficient LED chips and lighting solutions, often used in commercial and residential settings.
  4. Model (1304): The specific model number or code for this particular CREE recessed light.
  5. Light Color (Warm White): The light emitted by this recessed light is warm white in color. Warm white light has a soft, yellowish tone, similar to the color of traditional incandescent

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