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Wallpaper – AS Creation – Versace Border

  • Pattern Repeat: 0cm Free Match
  • Good Lightfastness
  • Scrubbable
  • Easy To Strip
  • Roll Dimensions: 10.05m (33ft) Long x 70cm (27″) Wide – EXTRA


In Stock


Versace wallpapers for walls are a luxurious and opulent choice for interior design. These wallpapers are inspired by the renowned Italian fashion brand Versace, known for its high-end fashion and lifestyle products. When used as wall coverings, Versace wallpapers can transform a room into a lavish and elegant space. Here’s a description of what you might find in Versace wallpapers for walls:

Iconic Patterns: Versace is famous for its signature patterns, including the Medusa head, Greek key motifs, Baroque-inspired designs, and ornate floral prints. These patterns are often featured prominently in Versace wallpapers, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the room.

Rich Color Palette: Versace wallpapers often incorporate a rich and vibrant color palette, including shades of gold, black, white, red, and royal blue. These colors create a sense of opulence and drama, making a bold statement in any space.

Texture and Embellishments: To enhance the tactile and visual appeal, Versace wallpapers may incorporate various textures and embellishments. This can include metallic accents, embossed or textured surfaces, and even Swarovski crystals, adding a layer of extravagance to the design.


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