Aventoss Bi-Fold – Blum Austria

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It appears you’re mentioning a specific product or component related to Aventoss Bi-Fold by Blum, an Austrian company known for high-quality furniture fittings and hardware. Based on the details provided, it seems to be a set of components for a bi-fold door system. Here’s a breakdown of the components you mentioned:

1. **Machine 2:** Possibly a mechanical component of the bi-fold door system.
2. **Arms 2:** Likely referring to the folding arms that enable the door to fold.
3. **Cover 2:** Probably a cover or casing for some part of the system.
4. **Arms Clips 2:** Clips for attaching the folding arms securely.
5. **Monogram Blum2:** A brand or model identifier for the Blum product.
6. **Hinges Plain 2:** Plain hinges for attaching the door panels.
7. **Hinges For Bottom 2:** Hinges specifically designed for the bottom part of the door panels.

Please note that without specific context or detailed information about the Aventoss Bi-Fold system, this interpretation is a general explanation based on the components you provided. If you need more specific details or have any other questions related to this product, please feel free to ask!

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