Chandelier- GD 10+5L Zinc+Crystals

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SKU: V6075-10+5


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The description “Chandelier – GD 10+5L Zinc+Crystals” specifies a chandelier with the following features:

  • Number of Lights: 10 (indicating 10 lights in the main body of the chandelier) + 5 (indicating 5 lights in an additional part of the chandelier)
  • Material: Zinc (used for the frame or structure) + Crystals (indicating the presence of crystal elements, often used for decorative accents)

Here’s what each specification means:

  1. Number of Lights (10+5L): This chandelier has a total of 15 lights. There are 10 lights in the main body of the chandelier and an additional 5 lights in another section, providing a total of 15 lighting elements.
  2. Material (Zinc+Crystals): The frame or structure of the chandelier is made from zinc, a durable and corrosion-resistant metal. Additionally, the chandelier features crystals, indicating the presence of crystal components.

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