Connecting Pipe – Brass Nuts – 1.2m S.S Braided Hose

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Connecting Pipe – Brass Nuts – 1.2m S.S Braided Hose” refers to a plumbing component used in various applications, typically in kitchens and bathrooms. Here’s a breakdown of the information provided:

  • “Connecting Pipe” indicates that this is a flexible pipe used to connect different plumbing fixtures or appliances. Connecting pipes are essential for transporting water or gas between various points in a plumbing system.
  • “Brass Nuts” suggests that the ends of the connecting pipe are equipped with nuts made of brass. Brass is a corrosion-resistant metal often used in plumbing connections due to its durability and ability to withstand water exposure.
  • “1.2m” denotes the length of the connecting pipe, indicating that it is 1.2 meters long. The length is important as it determines the distance between the connected fixtures.
  • “S.S Braided Hose” stands for “Stainless Steel Braided Hose.” Stainless steel braided hoses are flexible and reinforced with stainless steel wires, providing strength and durability. The stainless steel braiding also prevents the hose from kinking and adds an extra layer of protection, making it suitable for high-pressure applications.

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