Glass Vase 120*200 Light Amber

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Glass Vase 120*200 Light Amber” refers to a glass vase with specific dimensions and color. Here’s what the description signifies:

  • Glass Vase: This indicates that the item is a container made of glass, commonly used for decorative purposes, holding flowers, or other items.
  • 120*200: These measurements specify the dimensions of the glass vase.
    • 120: This represents the diameter of the vase, likely measured in millimeters.
    • 200: This represents the height of the vase, likely measured in millimeters.
  • Light Amber: This describes the color of the glass vase. In this case, the glass is light amber, indicating a pale or soft amber hue. Light amber glass provides a subtle, warm glow and is often used for decorative lighting effect

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