Hanging Light – Glass (Smoke Gray) – D20xH18CM

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The description “Hanging Light – Glass (Smoke Gray) – D20xH18CM” provides specific details about a hanging light fixture. Here’s what the description signifies:

  • Hanging Light: This indicates that the fixture is designed to be suspended from the ceiling, typically using a chain, cord, or rod. Hanging lights are versatile and can be used for various lighting purposes, such as ambient or task lighting.
  • Glass (Smoke Gray): This specifies the material and color of the shade. The shade of the hanging light is made of glass and is colored smoke gray. Smoke gray glass has a translucent gray tint, creating a muted, elegant lighting effect.
  • D20xH18CM: These measurements indicate the dimensions of the hanging light.
    • D20: This represents the diameter of the glass shade, which is 20 centimeters.
    • H18: This represents the height of the glass shade, which is 18 centimeters.

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