HDF,AC4,with little embossed surface,and with ARC

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SKU: YD932-Laminate Floor


The description HDF, AC4, with little embossed surface, and with ARC pertains to specific features of laminate flooring:

  1. HDF: Stands for High-Density Fiberboard, which is the core material of the laminate flooring. HDF is highly compressed wood fibers bonded together with resin, providing durability and stability.
  2. AC4: Indicates the Abrasion Class rating, a measure of a laminate flooring’s durability and resistance to wear. AC4 is a high rating suitable for commercial areas with moderate traffic and residential spaces with heavy traffic.
  3. Little Embossed Surface: Refers to a surface texture that is slightly embossed or textured. This texture adds a subtle, natural feel to the laminate flooring, mimicking the texture of real wood or other materials.
  4. ARC: Likely refers to the presence of an arc-click locking system. ARC-locking systems are a type of click-lock system used in laminate flooring installation. They allow planks to be easily clicked together, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a secure fit.

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