Laminate Flooring Fishbone Size 1218*197*8MM,Matt

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Laminate flooring fishbone refers to a specific pattern or layout of laminate flooring planks that resembles the herringbone or fishbone pattern, which is a distinctive and classic design commonly used in hardwood flooring. The dimensions 12183008MM indicate the size of each plank:

  • Length: 1218mm (or approximately 1.22 meters) represents the length of each plank. This measurement determines how long each individual piece of laminate flooring is.
  • Width: 300mm (or 30cm) represents the width of each plank. This dimension indicates how wide each piece of laminate flooring is.
  • Thickness: 8mm signifies the thickness of each plank. This dimension represents the thickness of the laminate flooring board. Thicker boards are generally more durable and can better withstand wear and tear.

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