LED Outdoor Wall Light 3W*2/CREE LED

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SKU: 5311-95*190*110MM-Black + Gold


  1. LED Type: CREE LEDs are a reputable brand known for their high-quality and efficient LED products. In this case, the outdoor wall light you’re describing uses CREE LEDs.
  2. Wattage: The light has a total power output of 3 watts per LED, and there are 2 LEDs in the fixture. So, the total power consumption for this outdoor wall light would be 6 watts (3W*2).

A 6-watt outdoor wall light is relatively low in power consumption, making it energy-efficient. It’s suitable for accent lighting, pathway lighting, or other decorative purposes. However, the brightness and coverage area would depend not only on the wattage but also on factors like the design of the fixture, the beam angle, and the lumens produced by each LED.

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