LED Wall Washer-3000K

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SKU: EL-3030 Wall Washer-12.5mm-3000K ,-DC24V , 6LED/Cut 0.25M


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The description “LED Wall Washer DC24V 24P/MTR” specifies a type of LED lighting fixture known as a wall washer, providing specific details about its electrical requirements and configuration. Here’s what the description signifies:

  • LED Wall Washer: This indicates that the lighting fixture is designed as a wall washer. Wall washers are lights mounted on walls to create a smooth and even illumination across the surface, highlighting architectural features or creating decorative lighting effects.
  • DC24V: This refers to the operating voltage of the LED wall washer, which is 24 volts direct current (DC). DC voltage is commonly used in LED lighting systems, providing low-voltage power for safety and energy efficiency.
  • 24P/MTR: This indicates that there are 24 LEDs per meter (P/MTR) on the LED wall washer. This specification denotes the LED density, indicating how many individual LEDs are present in one meter of the wall washer.

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