SMD Rope Light-Neon Green

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SKU: Neon-SMD2835-6MM-Green-60P


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The description “Neon LED Rope Light – 50 M/Roll” indicates a type of LED rope light designed to mimic the appearance of traditional neon lights. Here’s what the description signifies:

  • Neon LED Rope Light: This type of rope light is constructed to resemble the soft, glowing illumination of neon lights but utilizes energy-efficient and durable LED technology. Neon LED rope lights are flexible, allowing them to be bent or shaped into various designs, making them popular for decorative purposes in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • 50 M/Roll: This indicates that the neon LED rope light is sold in rolls of 50 meters each. The length of the roll specifies how much neon LED rope light is included in a single unit of purchase.

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