Outdoor Wall Light-IP65-65mm-White-3000K-5W-250 Lumen

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  • IP Rating: IP65, indicating that the light fixture is dust-tight and protected against water jets. This rating makes it suitable for outdoor use, providing good protection against dust and water.
  • Size: 65mm, indicating the size or diameter of the fixture. This dimension might refer to the diameter of the base plate or the overall size of the fixture.
  • Color: Black, indicating the color of the fixture. Black outdoor wall lights are popular for their ability to blend well with different architectural styles.
  • Color Temperature: 3000K, indicating the color temperature of the light. 3000K is in the warm white range, providing a cozy and inviting ambiance. It’s suitable for outdoor spaces where you want to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Wattage: 5W, indicating the power consumption of the LED. LED lights are energy-efficient, and a 5W fixture provides decent illumination while conserving energy.

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