SJ-004-C Hanging Lights 61*31*31

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SJ-004-C Hanging Lights 613131″ specifies a hanging light fixture with specific dimensions. Here’s what the description signifies:

  • SJ-004-C: This likely represents a model number or designation for the hanging light fixture. The exact meaning of “SJ-004-C” would depend on the manufacturer’s product coding system. It could represent a particular design, style, or series of hanging lights.
  • 613131: These measurements represent the dimensions of the hanging light fixture.
    • 61: This represents the height of the hanging light, likely measured in centimeters.
    • 31*31: These likely represent the width and depth of the hanging light, likely measured in centimeters. It signifies that the light has a square or rectangular shape with each side measuring 31 centimeters.

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