Superfine Melamine Face Chipboard

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SKU: Face Chipboard-2800*1830*16-Antique Light-DEEP


Superfine Melamine Face Chipboard refers to a type of engineered wood product commonly used in the furniture and construction industries. Here’s what each component means:

  1. Superfine: This term likely indicates a high-quality finish, suggesting a smoother and more refined surface compared to standard melamine-faced chipboards. Superfine finishes are often sought after for a more polished and elegant appearance.
  2. Melamine Face: Indicates that the chipboard has a melamine resin impregnated paper applied to its surface. Melamine is a synthetic material known for its durability, resistance to stains, and ease of cleaning. It’s often used to provide a decorative and protective layer to the chipboard.
  3. Chipboard: Chipboard, also known as particleboard, is an engineered wood product made from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or sawdust, bound together with a synthetic resin or binder. It’s commonly used for furniture, shelving, and other applications where a stable and cost-effective wood material is needed.

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