Vanity – Cabinet & Basin – HG White – Normal Slide

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“Vanity – Cabinet & Basin – HG White – Normal Slide” refers to a bathroom vanity unit with specific features. Here’s what each component means:

  • “Vanity”: This term refers to a bathroom cabinet that typically includes a sink or basin. Vanities are designed for storing bathroom essentials and often have a countertop where the sink is installed.
  • “Cabinet & Basin”: Indicates that this product includes both the cabinet for storage and the basin or sink. The basin is usually integrated into the countertop of the cabinet, creating a seamless look.
  • “HG White”: This refers to the finish or color of the vanity. “HG White” likely stands for high gloss white, indicating a shiny and reflective white finish. High gloss finishes are smooth, easy to clean, and give a modern appearance to the vanity.
  • “Normal Slide”: This term likely refers to the type of drawer slides used in the vanity cabinet. “Normal Slide” suggests that the drawers in the cabinet operate on standard sliding mechanisms, allowing them to open and close smoothly.

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