Vintage Classic, AC4, Class 32, 16x80x2600

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The information you provided, “Vintage Classic, AC4, Classic 32, 16x80x2600,” appears to be related to flooring materials. Let me break down what each component likely represents:

  1. Vintage Classic: This could be the name or series of the flooring product. “Vintage Classic” suggests a design style that imitates the classic or vintage look.
  2. AC4: AC4 is a classification in laminate flooring. It indicates the abrasion class, representing the durability and suitability of the flooring for different usage levels. AC4 is designed for commercial spaces with moderate traffic.
  3. Classic 32: This likely refers to the thickness of the laminate flooring in millimeters. “Classic 32” suggests the thickness of the flooring planks is 32 millimeters. The thickness of laminate flooring often determines its durability and how well it can withstand wear and tear.
  4. 16x80x2600: This represents the dimensions of the individual planks. In this case, the plank is 16 millimeters wide, 80 millimeters long, and 2600 millimeters (or 2.6 meters) in height. These dimensions are common measurements for laminate flooring planks.

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