Vintage Classic, AC4, Class32, 1285mmx192mmx10mm

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The description Vintage Classic, AC4, Class 32, 1285mmx123mmx10mm pertains to specific features of laminate flooring:

  1. Vintage Classic: Indicates the style or design of the laminate flooring, suggesting a vintage or aged appearance. The “narrow” likely refers to narrower planks, providing a specific width for each piece.
  2. AC4: Indicates the Abrasion Class rating, which measures the durability and resistance to wear of the laminate flooring. AC4 is a high rating suitable for commercial spaces with moderate traffic and residential areas with heavy traffic.
  3. Class 32: Refers to the usage class of the laminate flooring. Class 32 is suitable for moderate commercial use, making it ideal for areas with medium foot traffic.
  4. Dimensions: The laminate flooring planks are 1285mm in length, 123mm in width, and 10mm in thickness. These measurements define the size of each individual plank.

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