Wall Light 4000k – Sand White

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SKU: MB7049-6W


The description “Wall Light 4000K – Sand White” specifies a wall-mounted light fixture with the following features:

  • Color Temperature: 4000 Kelvin (K)
  • Color: Sand White

Here’s what each of these specifications means:

  1. Color Temperature (4000K): The light emitted by this wall light has a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin (K). A 4000K color temperature is considered a cool white light. It falls in the range of neutral white light, which is often used in task-oriented areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. This color temperature provides clear and crisp illumination.
  2. Color (Sand White): The fixture is described as “Sand White,” indicating its color or finish. Sand White likely refers to a light beige or off-white color resembling the color of sand. This color choice provides a neutral and versatile appearance that can blend well with various interior design schemes.

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