Wall Light -W93*H93 – GAB – Crystal

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The description “Wall Light – W93*H93 – GAB – Crystal” specifies a wall-mounted light fixture with the following features:

  • Type: Wall Light
  • Dimensions: Width (W) 93 mm x Height (H) 93 mm
  • Design or Finish: GAB (This could be a specific design or finish)
  • Material: Crystal (indicating that the light fixture features crystal elements)

Here’s what each of these specifications means:

  1. Type (Wall Light): This indicates that the light fixture is designed to be mounted on a wall.
  2. Dimensions (W93*H93): The light fixture’s width is 93 millimeters, and its height is 93 millimeters. These measurements provide the physical size of the fixture, allowing you to assess whether it fits your intended installation space.
  3. Design or Finish (GAB): The term “GAB” likely refers to a specific design, finish, or color scheme applied to the wall light. Without specific context, it’s challenging to determine the exact characteristics of this designation. It could be a particular color, pattern, or style associated with the fixture.
  4. Material (Crystal): The light fixture features crystal elements. Crystal is often used in lighting to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to the design.

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