Wallpaper-Glitterati-Plain Purple

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Role size: 50 sq. ft


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Boutique By Arthouse” is a collection of wallcoverings and home decorative products offered by the brand Arthouse. This collection is characterized by a variety of design elements, including:

  1. Textured Damasks: These are likely wallpaper patterns featuring intricate and textured damask designs. Damasks often have a historical and elegant appearance.
  2. Glitter Stripes: Glitter stripes may be wallpaper patterns that incorporate shimmering or glittering elements, adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to the decor.
  3. Metallic Plains: Metallic plain wallpapers are likely solid-colored wallpapers with a metallic finish, creating a modern and chic look.
  4. Color Palette: The collection is described as featuring classic golds, glamorous blacks, and sumptuous reds. This suggests a rich and luxurious color palette with gold, black, and red being prominent.

These decorative products are designed to enhance the visual appeal of interiors, providing options for a range of styles and preferences. If you’re interested in specific products within the “Boutique By Arthouse” collection or want to explore the entire range, you may want to visit Arthouse’s official website or consult with a retailer that offers this collection for more details and product availability.

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