Wallpaper – Masureel – Rebecca Rolls

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Role size: 50 sq. ft


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Masureel is a well-known wallpaper manufacturer that offers a variety of collections, and “Rebecca Rolls” could be a specific line or design within their range of wallpapers.

To find the Masureel Rebecca Rolls wallpaper:

  1. Official Website: Visit Masureel’s official website. They often display their various collections and designs there. Look for the Rebecca Rolls series or use the search function on their site to find wallpapers under this name.
  2. Specialty Wallpaper Stores: Explore home decor or wallpaper specialty stores. These stores usually carry a variety of Masureel wallpapers. You can inquire about the Rebecca Rolls series specifically or check their catalogs for options.
  3. Online Retailers: Search for online retailers specializing in wallpapers. Many of them offer a range of Masureel collections, including Rebecca Rolls. Use specific search terms like “Masureel Rebecca Rolls wallpaper” to find these wallpapers online.
  4. Interior Design Showrooms: Consider visiting interior design showrooms that showcase wallpaper collections. They might have physical samples or catalogs available for browsing.

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