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  • Type: Washing Machine
  • Technology: German Technology with advanced features
  • Motor Warranty: 10 years warranty on the motor
  • Motor: EcoSilence Drive Inverter Motor for quiet and efficient operation
  • Drying System: SensiveDrying System for precise and gentle drying
  • Water Efficiency: ActiveWater™Plus technology for optimized water usage
  • Front Material: Stainless steel front for durability and aesthetics
  • Spin Speed Selection: Allows you to choose the spin speed according to your laundry needs
  • Special Programs: Offers specialized washing and drying programs for different fabrics and loads
  • Efficiency: varioPerfect feature for time or energy-saving washing
  • Timed Programs: Set specific wash and dry times as needed
  • Autodry: Automatically adjusts drying time based on moisture levels
  • Anti-Vibration Design: Minimizes vibration and noise during operation
  • Safety Features: Includes a childproof door lock and a metal door closing hook
  • Reload Function: Allows you to add laundry even after the cycle has started
  • Capacity: 9 kg for washing and 4 kg for drying

This washing machine offers a range of advanced features, including efficient washing and drying, energy-saving options, and a substantial motor warranty for long-lasting performance.

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