Z44817 – Lamborgihni

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Width 70cm x Length 10.05m
Easy to Cut :

Easy to Use :

No Curling :

Dry Strippable :

Scrubbable :

Lightfast :

Paste the Wall :

Non-Woven :


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In Stock


Lamborghini wallpapers are popular among car enthusiasts and those who appreciate the aesthetics and performance of these iconic automobiles. Here’s a description of what you might find in Lamborghini wallpapers
Colorful Variety: Lamborghinis are known for their bold and vibrant color options. You can find wallpapers featuring a wide range of colors, from the iconic Lamborghini yellow (Giallo Midas) to bold reds, blues, and even more exotic and custom paint jobs. These colors make the cars stand out and add vibrancy to your screen or wall.

Exotic Locations: Some Lamborghini wallpapers incorporate exotic backgrounds or settings, placing the cars in breathtaking locations such as winding mountain roads, scenic coastlines, or upscale urban environments. This adds an element of adventure and luxury to the wallpapers.


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